Monitor Competitors


Know instantly if you're losing or gaining market share in your local market. 


Know who's taking market share at your expense, and why.


Quickly figure out a game plan to take back market share.

The Fastest Turning Cars


Which dealer is consistently stocking the fastest turning cars in your local market?


Find out what they're stocking down to Trim, Color and Features.


Start stocking faster-turning cars that deliver more profit per unit.


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How Much to Pay?


Never buy a car with the wrong Color, Trim or Features again.


Know what to pay, based on the individual vehicle features. 


Never overpay on an undesirable unit with high days to sell or low price to market.


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New Car Ordering

Monitor Competitors

Vehicle Acquisition

How to Price


How does your pricing strategy compare to your direct local competitors?


How can you adjust prices on a daily basis as market supply and demand changes?


Stay on top of your pricing to ensure maximum turn-time and profits.

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